Charming Hotels in Paris close to the Jardin du Luxembourg

Charming hotels in Paris are many, but perhaps the most charming of all is the Hotel du Danube. As soon as you arrive we warmly welcome you and do our very best to make you feel at home. Here amidst the vibrancy, the excitement, the fascination and the sheer buzz of Paris you will find plenty to keep you enthralled right on your doorstep. Now that spring is here it’s well worth bearing in mind that just a fifteen minute walk from our hotel you can find the sheer splendour of the Luxembourg Gardens.

Charming hotels in Paris close to a wonderful park

The Jardin du Luxembourg was created in 1612 at the behest of Marie de Medici, the widow of the assassinated King Henry IV and the regent of France at the time. She purchased the land from the Duke of Luxembourg. Being of Italian descent, her younger days had been spent in Florence at the Pitti Palace. The Boboli garden there was her inspiration for the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Almost 200 years later the garden was extended when the Carthusian monks, whose monastery occupied the adjacent land, were forced to leave following the events of the French Revolution. The area was then redesigned in a more traditionally French style. Today it is the second largest of the Parisian public parks. The centre is occupied by the Grand Bassin, a large octagonal pond, surrounded by beautifully tended lawns, paths and gorgeous flower beds. Many statues adorn the park, including a Statue of Liberty, and a sculpture of Marie de Medicis herself, appropriately enough. There is a number of charming fountains, including the Baroque Medici Fountain, designed in the early 17th century. The park also holds many attractions for children such as a traditional carrousel, a puppet theatre and a large playground.

The Hotel du Danube is one of the most charming hotels in Paris

Our charming hotel in the picturesque quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Prés welcomes you. You will find staying at the Hotel du Danube as tranquil and fulfilling an experience as a visit to the Jardin du Luxembourg.


Picture copyright holder : Paris Tourist Office - Photographer David Lefranc