The Legacy of Delacroix Exhibition Paris, A rare opportunity

The Legacy of Delacroix Exhibition; Masterpieces from the collection of Etienne Moreau-Nelaton can be seen at the Delacroix Museum until March 17th. Due to the nature of the bequest, these particular drawings and paintings by the French Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix are rarely seen in public, so this is a rare opportunity to view key works by this most influential artist. The museum is located in Delacroix’s last apartment and studio, and is just a ten minute walk from the Hotel du Danube.

The Legacy of Delacroix exhibition Paris, a glorious treat

Ferdinand Eugene Victor Delacroix (1798 to 1863) was a leading light of the French Romantics and came to inspire both the Impressionist and Symbolist movements. His work emphasised movement and a bold and vivid use of colour rather than a strictly representational approach. He invested his work with powerful emotions and occasionally violent subject matter, and seems to pulse with a barely contained energy. Perhaps his most widely known work is Liberty Leading The People, a striking image of Parisians rising up against the reign of Charles X. 

Delacroix travelled extensively in Europe, but it was the bright colours and distinctive ambience of North Africa which had a profound effect upon him. After these experiences his technique became even more free and his colours more sumptuous. He created over 9000 works over the course of his life.

The art historian and collector Etienne Moreau-Nelaton was especially enamoured of Delacroix’s work. His father had been a supporter and friend of the artist and Etienne shared his enthusiasm. He was the first to catalogue the works of the artist and later bequeathed much of his collection to French museums. The current exhibition is drawn from these bequests. 

Hotel du Danube recommends the Legacy of Delacroix exhibition Paris

The elegant and welcoming Hotel du Danube is very conveniently located for the Delacroix Museum. We would like to point out that tickets to the permanent collection at the Louvre are also valid for this museum on the same day.

Picture copyright holder: Amélie Dupont