Valentine’s Day in Paris 2014 with lots of Locks Of Love

Valentine’s Day in Paris offers a truly romantic occasion. The City of Light has a distinct affinity with matters of the heart as you and your loved one will discover when, after settling into the intimate comfort of the Hotel du Danube, you take a gentle stroll hand in hand through streets of timeless charm towards the gently flowing Seine, where the river is spanned by a certain special bridge. You will find that the Pont des Arts is festooned with cadenas d’amour…

Valentine’s Day in Paris where hearts are locked together as one

The Pont des Arts takes its name from the days when the nearby Louvre was known as the Palais des Arts. The predecessor of the current bridge was the first metal bridge in Paris, built between 1802 and 1804. The present bridge was inaugurated in 1984, a faithful reproduction of the original. In keeping with its name, this pedestrian bridge has been the location for art exhibitions, and its wonderful views of the river and surrounding area has made it an outdoor studio for artists and photographers. It is also, however, a place for lovers, who can sit together on a bench and gaze upriver at the historic centre of Paris, the Ile de la Cite. Or into each other’s eyes…

In recent years a new tradition has flourished on the Pont des Arts. Couples have been engraving padlocks with their names and perhaps a short, meaningful message. These are then attached to the sides of the bridge and the key is thrown into the Seine in a touching gesture of commitment to be sealed with a kiss. These cadenas d’amour are perhaps the most unique and appropriate gift which can be given in Paris on this most romantic of days.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paris at the Hotel du Danube

Our family owned hotel is an ideal place to spend your Valentine’s Day break in Paris. In the heart of charming St. Germain des Pres, the Hotel du Danube welcomes you to a special time just for two.


Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont