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Summer sales : ready, set, shop !

Like every year, the time has come for the summer sales : from June 24th to August 4th, the big and small shops of Paris will reduce their price... and make the shopping addicts among us very happy ! So during your stay in the French capital, why not look for the best way to enjoy them ? They are a great opportunity of finding good deals during a nice walk in Paris. Whatever your prefered style, your budget or your current desires, the city is full of all kinds of shops in which you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.
Summer sales : ready, set, shop !

The Paris of the kids

While traveling as a family, it is not always easy to find activities that will please the little ones as well as the adults. It is true that Paris is packed with various museums, historical museums and possible walks that could well fill one's entire life (and a busy one, that is). But at the intensive pace of a week of tourism, you will often find that the little feet of children get tired along the many staircases of Montmartre, and that their attention starts to fail at some point in one of the Louvre rooms. Remember...
The Paris of the kids

Graffitis invade the Pinacothèque

This season, the masters of graffiti find their place in a museum ! It is the new hot exhibition in Paris : from March 12th to Septembre 13th, 2015, at the Pinacothèque, « Pressionnism 1970-1990, the masterpieces of graffiti on canvas » shows no less than a hundred pieces by some of the greatest artists of this movement. Basquiat, Bando, Rammellzee, Ash or Futura 2000 are among the most famous figures of this artistic movement that was considered as some kind of sub-culture for quite a long time, for it was mistakenly associated with simple street tags and attributed to a few gangs of vandals and drug addicts. Today, the time has come to recognize the importance of the twenty first years of this missunderstood aerosol-executed art by having a closer look at its history and the power of its aesthetics.
Graffitis invade the Pinacothèque

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