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Paris without the crowd

When visiting Paris for the first time, chances are you have a good full list of places, monuments and museums you do not want to miss... And chances are the millions of tourists who come to see the capital each year do too. Paris is still the most visited city in the world, and for a good reason ! It is full of unavoidable points of interest. The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Notre-Dame... These are a few of the places that host the most people all year long, and in which a visit is often preceeded by hours of queuing. So how can you organize your trip without having to spend half the time you have in waiting lines ? By anticipating. Here is a little overview on the main places of interest that Paris has to offer, and the best moment and time to go visit each of them without drowning in a crowd.
Paris without the crowd

Brut(e) : an exhibition by Jannis Kounellis at the Monnaie de Paris

The must-see exhibition that is currently hosted at the Monnaie de Paris ambitiously gambles on making the Arte Povera (« poor art ») shine under the gildings. It is called « Brut(e) », which translates as « Raw », and it truly is. As a major figure of contemporary art, Greek artist Jannis Kounellis is among the pioneers of Arte Povera. Born in Italy at the end of the 1960s, this movement was formed in the idea of resisting the fancy cultural industry, and the consumer society in general. By using « poor materials » such as sand, soil, tar and hessian, Arte Povera artists chose to favour the creation process over the finished product. By according meaning to seamingly meaningless objects, they « impoverished » Art, but most of all desecrated it.
Brut(e) : an exhibition by Jannis Kounellis at the Monnaie de Paris

« Pégase et Icare » : a show by the Alexis Gruss circus

For the second consecutive year, the virtuoso esquire troop of famous circus Alexis Gruss is coming back to Paris for a unique show. This time, they are not alone but joined by the Compagnie des Farfadais, a troop of high-skilled aerialist acrobats. Gathering 40 horses and 20 acrobats for 2h30, « Pégase et Icare » is a grandiose show that the whole family will enjoy !
« Pégase et Icare » : a show by the Alexis Gruss circus

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